Peer Review Policy

The Scientific Journal of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies (SJMBT) is committed to maintaining high academic and ethical standards in publishing. To this end, we follow a double-blind peer review process, ensuring both the anonymity of authors and reviewers during the review. Our peer review policy is designed to uphold the integrity, quality, and transparency of the research we publish.

1. Double-Blind Review : In our double-blind review process, both the reviewers' and authors' identities are concealed from each other. This aims to eliminate bias and ensure that manuscripts are evaluated fairly based on their academic merit and content quality.

2. Reviewer Selection : Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise in the manuscript's subject area. We strive to select reviewers who can provide constructive and unbiased feedback to help authors improve their work.

3. Review Process : Once a manuscript is submitted, it undergoes an initial screening by the editorial team for its conformity with the journal’s scope, formatting, and quality standards. Manuscripts that meet these criteria are then sent to at least two independent reviewers for evaluation.

4. Criteria for Evaluation : Reviewers assess manuscripts based on originality, methodological rigor, clarity of presentation, relevance to the field, and contribution to knowledge and practice in the fields of metaverse technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

5. Feedback to Authors : Authors receive anonymized feedback from the reviewers. This feedback includes recommendations for improvement, additional research, or revisions necessary for acceptance. The editorial team mediates all communication between authors and reviewers.

6. Decision Making : The editorial team makes the final decision on manuscripts based on reviewers' comments, taking into account their significance, originality, and clarity. The possible decisions are accept, minor revisions, major revisions, or reject.

7. Confidentiality : All manuscripts under review are treated as confidential documents. Reviewers are required to respect the confidentiality of the peer review process and refrain from using information obtained during the review process for their own or another's advantage.

8. No Review Charges : There is no charge for the peer review process. The SJMBT does not collect any fees from authors or reviewers for manuscript evaluation.

9. Ethical Standards : Reviewers and authors are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards, including declarations of potential conflicts of interest.

10. Appeals and Complaints : Authors can appeal editorial decisions or file complaints about the review process. Such cases are handled by the editorial board, ensuring transparency and fairness.