Fee Waiver Program

The Scientific Journal of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies (SJMBT) is dedicated to promoting inclusive and equitable access to publishing opportunities. Recognizing that financial constraints should not be a barrier to the dissemination of valuable research, we have instituted a Fee Waiver Program. This program is designed to support authors who may not have the means to cover the full Article Processing Charge (APC).

Eligibility for the Fee Waiver Program :
1. Financial Need :
The Fee Waiver Program is intended for authors who lack the financial resources to pay the full APC. This includes, but is not limited to, authors from low-income countries, early career researchers, and independent scholars.

2. Merit of Research :
Consideration for a waiver also depends on the scientific merit of the submitted manuscript. Priority is given to high-quality, original, and impactful research.

Extent of Waiver :
Under this program, eligible authors may receive up to 50% waiver on the standard APC.
The waiver applies to the APC rates as mentioned in the Article Processing Charges mentioned on website.

Application Process :
1. Submission of Waiver Request :
Authors who wish to apply for the waiver must do so at the time of submitting their manuscript. Requests made after the manuscript submission will not be considered.

2. Waiver Request Form :
Authors should complete the Fee Waiver Request Form accessible through link. The form requires details about the authors, the manuscript, and a brief justification for the waiver request. The form should be submitted along with the manuscript. Link: Fee Waiver Request Form

3. Assessment :
Waiver requests are assessed based on the criteria of financial need and research merit. All information provided in the waiver application is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Notification :
Authors will be notified of the decision regarding their waiver application typically within two weeks of submission.
Approval of a waiver does not influence the editorial decision-making process regarding the acceptance of the manuscript.

Responsibilities of Waiver Recipients :
Authors who are granted waivers are expected to adhere to all other publication policies of SJMBT.
Recipients of the waiver are encouraged to acknowledge the support received from SJMBT in their published work.

Limitations :
The availability of waivers is subject to the funds allocated for the Fee Waiver Program in a given fiscal year. The SJMBT reserves the right to limit the number of waivers granted.

Contact and Inquiries :
For more information or inquiries about the Fee Waiver Program, please contact us at Contact Information mentioned on website.

Information Privacy:
SJMBT upholds strict confidentiality and privacy for all applicants to our Fee Waiver Program. We assure applicants that personal and financial information provided during the application process is handled with utmost care and security. Access to this information is strictly limited to authorized SJMBT personnel involved in the waiver assessment. This data is used solely for evaluating waiver eligibility and is protected against unauthorized access and disclosure. SJMBT is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our academic community.

At SJMBT, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community. This Fee Waiver Program is a vital part of our mission to ensure that high-quality research reaches a global audience, regardless of financial barriers.