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Engaging with the Scientific Journal of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies

As a librarian, your role in disseminating knowledge and supporting research is invaluable. The Scientific Journal of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies offers a unique resource for your patrons interested in the rapidly evolving fields of the metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

Hardcopy Subscriptions
Understanding the need for physical resources in libraries, we offer hardcopy subscriptions of our journal. These editions are an excellent addition to your collection, providing a tangible resource for researchers and enthusiasts in your community.

Subscription Rates
For libraries in India: INR 5000 per year.
For libraries outside India: $100 per year, plus shipping charges.

Benefits for Your Library
Comprehensive Coverage: Our bi-annual publication offers in-depth analysis and research, making it a valuable resource for academic and professional development.
Supporting Research and Learning: By including our journal in your collection, you provide patrons with access to cutting-edge information, supporting their research and learning endeavors.
Promoting Digital Literacy: As our journal focuses on emerging digital technologies, it aids in promoting digital literacy and awareness among your patrons.

Easy Subscription Process
Subscription Requests: To subscribe, please contact us at with your library details and subscription preferences.
Payment and Delivery: We will provide detailed payment instructions and ensure timely delivery of each issue to your library.

Your Role as a Librarian
Your decision to include the Scientific Journal of Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies in your library not only enriches your collection but also plays a crucial role in fostering knowledge and research in these pioneering fields. We are committed to supporting libraries in their mission to educate and inform.

Thank you for considering our journal as a valuable addition to your library's collection. We look forward to partnering with you in disseminating knowledge and advancing research in these exciting areas of technology.